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    Steve is singer/songwriter from Cherry Hill, New Jersey who has spent many years playing guitar and singing his songs for his friends and family. After experiencing many years of health issues, Steve entered a recording studio for the first time in his life.  At Tony Mascara's Audio Lab, Steve was joined by his good friend, producer/mentor, Tony Decarolis (Ants). Steve released his first CD simply titled "Steve Leak" in 2010.  Since then, Steve's career has headed to new heights and reached fans all around the world.  In late 2010, Steve once again collaborated with Tony Decarolis and went to famed Philadelphia and Grammy winning record producer, Bobby Eli's studio, The Grooveyard and recorded his holiday song, "I'm Giving You "Me" for Christmas."  The following year Steve performed a live show at Bluelight Studios in New Jersey and from this released his live CD and DVD.



    My page is dedicated to Bobby "THE Schoolboy Legend"  Patterson.  



    Please go to Steve's You Tube channel to view his videos.



    We are happy to announce that Steve's song, It's Graduation Day is available for purchase at Itunes or amazon.com.


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    "I'm back, yes I'm back again, here to sing my song.......*"

    Hello friends, so great to be back in health and in touch with all of you once again. Just a quick note to say thanks for all your support. The response to my CDs, DVDs and new music has been incredibly positive.  As of the Summer of 2014, I am pleased to announce that I have finished the final installment of Steve Leak's Songbook, Volumn 1.  This includes 100 of my copywritten songs recorded, lyrics and chords.  I am working out the details on how to release these songs to my fans.  We will keep you updated.  Visit me at Reverb Nation to help me climb the charts:



    See you soon.




    *From the Song "I'm Back"

     Written by Stephen J. Leak

     Copyright 2010 Sleak Music BMI all rights reserved

    Special thanks to my girls, Debi, Meagan, Lauren & Christie

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